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Push Button Strategy

Year Long Mentorship

with Tracy Ball

This mentorship focuses on day trading, although the skills learned are transferable to swing trading as well. With futures trading as the primary instrument, each month will provide you with new skills, lessons, assignments, and direction to continue building a solid foundation with quality habits while also improving and developing your trading psychology.

  • 1-SMALL GROUP ONLINE SESSION PER MONTH - Once per month you'll meet online with your small group and coach. These sessions will take place the same day each month. 2nd Tues of the month, or 3rd Wed of the month and so on depending on what month you start. These sessions will take between 1-1.5 hours over zoom. Each session will be recorded and available for your review as often as you like.

  • 4-GROUP WEEKLY TRADING PSYCHOLOGY SESSIONS PER MONTH- Every Wednesday at 6:30pm EST, join a trading psychology session. Each month the coach focuses on a specific area of trading psychology like discipline, patience, emotional control, risk management, confidence, adaptability and so on. Each session builds on the last during the month to help build the psychology muscles necessary to find success in trading. These sessions are also recorded for your review if you can't attend live. These sessions act as an accountability session as well to touch on goals and areas where you may be struggling or need clarification.

  • WORKSHEETS, ASSIGNMENTS, DIRECTION - Think a month between technical classes is a lot? Well, there are goals and targets provided for you each month that take time to complete. You'll have a focus for each month of what practical steps you should be taking to apply the knowledge you are learning.

  • WHAT'S THE MONTHLY TIME COMMITMENT - (Recommended 12.5 hours per month) 5 - hours of live sessions with a coach per month PLUS 15 - minutes minimum per day is recommended for practice, assignments and review. This is a recommended minimum for consistency to help reinforce the concepts you will be learning. The amount of time you have to commit to your growth as a trader will directly impact how quickly you learn and gain consistency. It's better to do a little bit every day than all of it at once.


Month 1 - Intro to our Trading Software

From installation to account management, we dive into chart customization using templates, watchlist creation, and the incorporation of indicators. Learn the significance of timeframes and experience the power of back-testing with replay and push button trading for efficient trading.

Month 2 - Playback Mode, Market Replay Data

Embark on a hands-on learning experience with our advanced trading simulator, designed to equip you with the practical skills needed for live trading. Trading in a safe environment is key to building confidence in your plan, learn how your plan performs over time giving you benchmarks to compare to in future while allowing you to set proper expectations. Get familiar with the tech and how it operates and begin setting yourself up with successful habits. Learn all about instrument specification, the things you need to know about what you plan to trade. Get an overview of the strategy.

Month 3 - Build a Trading Plan & Trade Journal

This module emphasizes the development of a comprehensive Trading Plan, covering Commitment, Set-Up, Management, and General Rules, alongside fostering Accountability. You'll gain expertise in Simulator Practice, focusing on one of the futures indexes for the month, to confidently navigate the dynamic trading landscape. Join us to transform theoretical knowledge into practical proficiency, setting the stage for your success in live trading.

Month 4 - Performance Tracking & Optimization

You're tracking your performance, but what should you be tracking and what do you do with that information once you have it. Learn how to optimize your performance by carefully examining your past performance and behavior. Spend time analyzing and breaking down trades with the coach and narrow down signals by implementing more support/resistance by understanding the use of trend lines.

Month 5 - Deeper Dive Into Support/Resistance

Improve your performance by narrowing down trade signals with better location selection as you dive deeper into support/resistance with trend channels and horizontal support and resistance. Continue setting realistic goals. Get introduced to the concept of the funded account and why they are the perfect tool for the new or struggling trader. Continue practice this month by exploring the ins and outs of futures micro contracts.

Month 6 - Trade Management

You're in the trade, you've tracked your performance, you've optimized the best you can so far... now it's time to step it up with some more advanced trade management. Discover various stop management styles and what it means to track management strategies.

Month 7 - Portfolio Protection and Strategy

Whether using a funded account or your own money account... understanding how to protect your capital is crucial. Understanding and following the rules of a funded account could benefit even those with their own accounts. The rules are designed to preserve capital. In this month's session, we'll go deeper into these rules and various strategies for managing your account.

Month 8 - Q&A, Back Trading Session

It's time to recap so far and check in to see where you're stuck or if you're stuck. Spend the majority of this session breaking down trades, candle by candle with the coach in the simulated environment. Get an introduction into trading Gold Futures.

Month 9 - Trading Plan Finalization

You've had time to log the hours and trades in the simulated environment. You've been building confidence and optimizing your plan. It's time to add the final polish and transition into live paper trading. Begin trading during the live market hours but with a paper trading (fake money) account. If you're ready, you may have already begun trading an assessment account for a funded account. Let's review some of the trades, getting feedback. It's time to be introduced to trading Oil Futures this month.

Month 10 - Currency Futures Trading

Trading futures wouldn't be complete without the experience of trading the currency pairs. Spend the month focusing on currency trading. Gaining a full experience of futures trading, equipping you with the know how to choose what to trade, and when to trade it, to suit your schedule.

Month 11 - Volatility in the Markets Trading NQ

NQ (NASDAQ) futures are the fastest moving futures contract currently out there. It's one of the most liquid (lots of people trade NQ) as well. Learn the quirks and get familiar with the volatility and flow of this instrument. Experience more trade reviews and get additional feedback.

Month 12 - Setting Long-Term Goals & Scaling

What's the best way to grow your trading as your account gets bigger? In this final month, we'll get into setting long term goals, scaling your risk, and utilizing trade replicators. Complete the month by finalizing any outstanding questions and clarifying final points, as you transition into independent trading.




June 20, 2024 START

3rd Thursday EVERY Month

6:00pm EST

Any Level Welcome

HAMMER Strategy

with Tracy Ball

15 students MAX



3rd Tuesday EVERY Month

8:00pm EST

Any Trading Experience Level Welcome

HAMMER Strategy

$150 / month

Tracy Ball


As a new trader, it's a struggle for me to quickly determine effective entry/take profit/stop loss figures, and to get them all entered into the trading system in time. The trend often would change the moment they were finally input, leading to immediate losses. The Push-Button Bot changed all of this for me. It allows me to accurately input a trade with realistic parameters, and to exit/enter the trade quickly. The system also provides me with the most realistic simulated backtrading available, which is crucial for new traders.

-Harold C


Learning to trade can be overwhelming. Push Button Trading made it simple and fun! It is so approachable that even my 11 year old is trading with it. As a new trader, order calculation and entry skills take time to build. Pushbutton allowed me to focus on strategy and get into a lot more trades at the correct risk level. The backtrading simulator made off market hours also available for practice.

-Chris M


Push Button Trading is a game-changer. It takes something that can take some time, like calculating stop loss and profit target, and it places the order for you, pre-calculated, with literally the push of a button. It allows me to enter trades faster, so I can get a better price. You simply choose the direction (bullish or bearish), whether you anticipate a Breakout or a Reversal, and click the GO button. It takes care of everything for you.

Great for new traders, for teaching your kids how to trade, and for advanced traders who just want to simplify their trading. It can be used in conjunction with most any strategy. It just makes things easier. Highly recommended!

-Nick S


Mind blowing - I LOVE the push button technology - this is the FIRST time I have been consistently successful and I am finally feeling a little confident in my abilities. Trading GOLD is the bomb!!

-Brenda M


Push button trading has eliminated the fumble and bumble of inputting an order, which is MORE than half the battle for a beginner trader.

-Lauren A


The ease of the Push Button trading technology allows for extremely quick entries, quick assessments of the trades and real time management. You just need to know the trend and go for it. Simply put, it makes my trading hassle free.

-Brenda M


Push button trading has freed up bandwidth in my mind so that I can focus my energy on the bigger picture and not get slowed down by manually typing in orders. It also helps facilitates quick order changes as price action enfolds allowing for better entry and exit prices.

-Michelle K


Push Button Trading is simply a game changer for me. It allows me to focus on strategy. My entry point is immediate with the push of button. Matt also goes deep into MT5 functionality and setup via Hammer and Indecision Candles. Any level trader will benefit from this training.

-Jeff P


Push Button Trading is simply a game changer for me. It allows me to focus on strategy. My entry point is immediate with the push of button. Matt also goes deep into MT5 functionality and setup via Hammer and Indecision Candles. Any level trader will benefit from this training.

-Julie J


I took Tracy's Push Button Hammer class in March and spent this past weekend re-watching all the videos. Like a great movie, there was so much I didn't catch the first time that I picked up the second time through. I'd previously grown my 50K sim account during backtesting by 5%. This week, starting Monday, I did the same thing "live" on a paper account. This afternoon I took that 50K paper account to over 55K. Time to do it with an assessment account now!! AMAZING class Tracy!! Live and video!!

-Nick S


Taking Tracy's course was perfect for me. Her expertise and passion for the subject shine through in every lesson, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply (not an easy job). Her teaching style is both engaging and thorough, ensuring that even those new to trading can grasp the fundamentals and start making informed decisions. (again, not an easy task).

Throughout the course, Tracy provides practical insights and real-world examples. Her emphasis on risk management and strategic thinking instills a sense of discipline and patience that I need. Understanding how the bot helps with these areas is definitely a huge advantage!

What truly sets Tracy apart is her unwavering dedication to her students' success. She goes above and beyond to provide personalized support and guidance, making herself readily available to answer questions and offer valuable advice. Her commitment to helping her students achieve their goals is truly inspiring.

I cannot recommend her courses highly enough to anyone looking to enhance their trading skills. Thank you VERY MUCH Tracy (aka Candlestick Captain), for your expertise, guidance, and unwavering support!

-Kristin K


Just completed the PushButton Hammer Strategy mentorship with our very own Tracy Ball. Wow! If you have not done a course with her yet, you are missing out! 8 classes packed full of effective trading strategies. Totally changed the way that I approach my trades and I started to see an increase in my wins almost immediately...

-Harold C


I recently completed Tracy's Push Button Beginner Hammer Strategy class and it was amazing! I have always struggled with order entry, stop loss and target points. We learned all of that and so much more. I also struggled with NinjaTrader at first, and she patiently led our class through the ins and outs of the platform. On top of all that, she showed us how to trade futures so that I can try for a funded account, and really made that an easy transition from stocks. With my trading plan in place, I know I will be using this technique to make the world better for myself, my family and my community.

-Jeremy A


I signed up for one of the Push Button technology courses with this company and it did not disappoint! The technology that they offer/teach with their classes allows you to take your trading skills to the next level. They give you the tools necessary to learn the skill of BOT trading. Those are not the only classes they offer, however. Along side of learning how to use BOTS, they offer classes for the psychological aspect of trading, as well. But what makes this company stand out are its mentors!!
They are extremely knowledgeable of “all things trading” and are there to walk that journey with you, step by step, to help you become a consistent, profitable trader. I’m a fairly new trader and I’ve been able to get a funded account already using the technology offered with this company. I would HIHGLY recommend this company and their programs.. 5 stars from me.

-Jan S


Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does this technology work with?

The bots operate within our preferred trading software, NinjaTrader 8, which is compatible with Mac & Windows operating systems. More about our recommended trading software.

Can I use this tool in my broker?

The tool lives inside the NinjaTrader8 software platform and operates in that environment, however NinjaTrader8 supports both traditional brokers (like TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers) as well as dozens of prop firms for funded account trading. The asset you can trade depends on the broker selected.

Can this tool “gamify” back trading ANY strategy?

Yes and no, right now, it just works with a bullish or bearish breakout and reversal strategies, which support numerous strategies. In the future, we will be working to add more strategies.

What size account does the push button technology work on?

It works on any account size. The technology comes with a customizable set of inputs/settings, allowing you to easily adjust parameters such as risk level and other built-in features based on your account size and risk tolerance.

Do you offer any guarantees or return policy?

We have a 'cancel anytime' policy. Although we would prefer you commit to the entire year as we can't fill your spot if you do cancel. We're confident enough you'll find the value to stay through the entire program. As for the BOTS, the licensing fee for the BOTS is included during your premium membership, if you decide later you don't want to use the bots, just stop using them. If you cancel your premium membership, you'll need to cancel your BOT licensing as well if you decide not to use the BOTS. Future BOT updates and upgrades are only available with a Premium Membership or a BOT Licensing Fee.

Where do I sign up for the class?

Go to the MIDDLE of this page and click the session you want to join.

Where can we reach out for more information?

Email us at [email protected] OR book a call <click here>

I don't want to wait an entire year to get the education.

You don't have to. We have a 4-week mentorship that offers a similar education but requires at least 6 months of prior trading experience to join. For more information, reach out to [email protected].

What if I want to take more than one mentorship?

You only get access to one mentorship at a time PER membership. Want to have two mentorships going at the same time? Pay for TWO memberships. It's that simple. Instead of $150/month, you would pay $300/month.

What if I can't make the sessions?

All sessions are recorded. You will have access to those recordings for as long as you like. Rewatch them as many times as you need. If the time slot that is currently available doesn't work for you on a monthly basis, just wait for the next month. New classes are started monthly on a different day and time. The time you start with will be the same time every month for the duration of the mentorship.

Have a question?