Options Automation

Yearly Mentorship

with Robert Thompson III

This mentorship focuses on options trading automation. This is suitable for intermediate to advanced options traders. There is NO CODING required, but a solid understanding of options is needed.

  • 1-SMALL GROUP ONLINE SESSION PER MONTH - Once per month you'll meet online with your small group and coach. These sessions will take place the same day each month. 2nd Tues of the month, or 3rd Wed of the month and so on depending on what month you start. These sessions will take between 1-1.5 hours over zoom. Each session will be recorded and available for your review as often as you like.

  • Data Driven Decision Making - Our approach is based on math and recurring probabilities, not market predictions. Say goodbye to guessing and trade with confidence in any market condition.

  • Emotion Free Trading - Human emotions can often cloud judgment and lead to poor trade decisions. With automated trading, emotions are taken out of the equation entirely. Automation executes trades based on predetermined rules without succumbing to fear, greed, or hesitation. This results in a more disciplined and consistent approach to trading, free from emotional biases.


Month 1 - Intro to Brokers and Options Automation Software

Explore your options with three top brokers: Tastytrade, Charles Schwab, and a free paper account. Our top recommendation? Tastytrade (other integrations are planned!). Join us as we dive into the software that makes backtesting and automating options trades accessible and affordable. You'll see real sample backtest results and gain a foundational understanding of the backtesting process. Plus, get a sneak peek into the essential math-based trading concepts widely used in options automation.

Month 2 - The Process of Backtesting

Dive into more complex backtesting with our example strategies. We'll explore the crucial variables for conducting informative backtests and meticulously walk through the results, highlighting key insights for optimizing your trading strategies.

Month 3 - Understanding and Improving Backtest Results

Unlock the full potential of your backtesting software with advanced settings and entry filters. We'll explore their applications and delve into the concept of slippage in options trading and backtesting, ensuring your results are as accurate and reliable as possible.

Month 4 - Complex Backtesting With Advanced Strategies

Prepare to explore our most advanced testing scenarios yet. We'll run tests with multiple interacting positions and preview our most sophisticated strategies for day trading and beyond. Dive into the cutting edge of trading innovation!

Month 5 - The Process of Strategic Optimization

Discover shortcuts and tips for quick and efficient backtesting. Learn a system for organizing and analyzing your backtests on a macro level. We'll also workshop a demo on tracking and implementing a thorough backtest process to fully vet your trading strategy and its variables.

Month 6 - Intro to Building a Bot With No Coding

Learn to create a trading bot with no coding knowledge required, using a sample strategy as your guide. We'll cover simple entry and exit conditions, discuss how to track results, and show you how to set up email and SMS notifications for bot activity. Dive into automated trading with ease with a free paper trading account to be your laboratory for success!

Month 7 - Live Bot Adjustments and Complex Configurations

Review and discuss the performance of live paper bots, identifying any necessary tweaks. We'll delve into the adjustment tab, exploring the various options, their functions, and their effects on the bots. Fine tune your bot's performance with specific criteria.

Month 8 - Advanced Bot Configurations

(Bots talking to other bots) We'll continue evaluating and adjusting live paper bots as we delve into the most complex bot configurations available. Learn how to connect bots using variables and conditions, explore all variable options and their functions, and examine the wide range of conditional filter options and their potential uses. Master the art of sophisticated bot automation!

Month 9 - Walkthrough Setting Up the 0 DTE Bot

Follow along step by step as we build our most advanced bot yet—the highly acclaimed 0 DTE day trading bot. Join us as we create this successful and incredibly popular bot, frame by frame!

Month 10 - Parallel Testing and Making Adjustments

Discover the power of parallel testing as we compare backtests with live bots. Improve the accuracy of your backtests and paper trading bots to ensure reliable data and results before transitioning to live trading. Master precision in your trading strategy implementation!

Month 11 - Alternate Strategies and Ideas

Explore parameters for alternative trading strategies and discover a multitude of ideas for future backtesting and development. Backtest at your convenience and unleash your trading potential!

Month 12 - FINAL Review, Setup Trading Plan Going Forward

Wrap up your strategy with a final review of the backtesting process. Ensure readiness for bot deployment with a comprehensive overview of live bot implementation. Plan your next steps and and prepare future follow-ups with confidence.




June 20, 2024 START

3rd Thursday EVERY Month

6:00pm EST

Any Level Welcome

HAMMER Strategy

with Tracy Ball

15 students MAX



4th Wednesday EVERY Month

8:00pm EST

Intermediate Option Traders

Robert Thompson III


Trading Options was/is new to me however, learning how to trade options with automation, is another level. The automated process provides me more time to do other things as I do not need to be in front of the screen for the entire day. RT3 is a great educator and ensures that you have the understanding necessary to get an immediate start. Highly recommend the course.

-Brenda M


Regardless of how much you study options there is always value in having a mentor who has been in the highs and lows of his own trading so he can bring clarity to your trading skillset. Robert is that guy and I’m thankful to study under him and he has only made me a better trader.  He is extremely consistent with his own profitability and you have the opportunity to take his knowledge and fast forward your own progress on the trading journey.

-Matt D


I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well, and how detailed this class was!  Not to say I was expecting anything less than what Robert Thompson III provides having taken a previous advanced options course with him.  But just the fact that I learned several things I did not already know with regards to options.  Add to that the "missing link" of options automation AND given a profitable trading plan by the end of class to implement.... and it was well worth every penny and then some!

-Jason S


Highly highly recommend Robert Thompson's (RT3) options automation class!! Just finished the April class that was jam-packed with awesome information and even a bonus session. Robert's knowledge of options and options trading is off the charts! He brings things down in ways that are easy to digest and understand. The software he uses for the automation is very user friendly and you don't have to be a tech person at all (I am not!) to build your bots! Well this is a bit of an “advanced” course, I am an options novice and got a ton of value out of the classes. You do need to know and understand some option Basics though. Thanks Robert, looking forward to what's next!

-Todd O


Just finished the automated options Mentor group with Robert Thompson and have to agree with everyone else that has posted. It was a great class and Robert does a great job making the complexity of options easier to understand. He shows you the strategies that he personally uses and is 100% committed to your success and understanding. The class shows you how to take your normal option strategies and convert them to an automated bot, then back test and Implement them using online software. As a bonus, you get direct access to someone who lives and breathes options, each class is filled with valuable tips and tricks from years of experience.

-Michael S


A big shout out to RT3. I just finished up with his automated options class this week and I have to say that he did a great job with it. I've had the opportunity to have a one-on-one with him and he really is genuine in helping his students succeed. If anyone is interested in wanting to automate options, his class is a great place to start. I'm really impressed about how well he knows options and different options strategies. He really does know what he's talking about. I feel like it was all well worth the time and money to go through this class. I like that he takes the time to make sure you understand how everything works and to help you through each step of the way. He definitely put a lot of effort into this.

-Brandon H


RT3 is an options prodigy!

-Harold C


I learned a lot of information about how to build bots to trade options. I am excited to trading real money after I feel  good about paper trading. This class was definitely an eye opener for me to the world of automation for options. Thank you!

-Svetlana N


I have some experience with swing trading Forex, but have had difficulties maintaining consistency due to the demands of my day job. I’ve been following Matt and Tracy for a couple of months and when I saw that they had set up push button trading, I joined up immediately and started by doing Matt’s futures automation course. I know some very successful options traders who manage large funds and accounts. So I have long been interested in options as a means to use multiple concurrent trades to hedge and leverage each other. But it seemed so complex that I never got around to studying it in depth. When I heard about RT3’s automation course, I was immediately interested and decided to go ahead despite not having much of an idea about the intricacies of options trading. We just finished the training yesterday and it’s been a real voyage of discovery. I think the most significant thing is that despite being an absolute beginner, I feel quite confident that I’m going to be able to successfully implement the system that RT has taught us. It’s early days yet but my Bot is up and running, I have signed up with a broker and I am in the process of funding an account. My intention is to spend a month reviewing the course recordings while back testing and  paper trading. I’m then going to start trading a small account on SPY for a while until I’m completely clear and confident in what I’m doing. The final step will be to take the plunge and start trading SPX with a larger account. The course has been absolutely transformational for me. It has opened up a whole new world of possibility that was previously completely outside my reach. The fact that I have access to help and guidance from RT3 as well as association with my fellow students is very reassuring and encouraging. I have also joined Tracy‘s push button mentorship and I’m looking forward to the next year continuing to work with this wonderful group of mentors and students.

-Bruce D


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for the class?

Go to the MIDDLE of this page and click the session you want to join.

Where can we reach out for more information?

Email us at [email protected] OR book a call <click here>

I don't want to wait an entire year to get the education.

You don't have to. We have a 4-week mentorship that offers a similar education but requires at least 6 months of prior trading experience to join. For more information, reach out to [email protected].

What if I want to take more than one mentorship?

You only get access to one mentorship at a time PER membership. Want to have two mentorships going at the same time? Purchase TWO memberships. Instead of $150/month, you would pay $300/month.

What if I can't make the sessions?

All sessions are recorded. You will have access to those recordings for as long as you like. Rewatch them as many times as you need. If the time slot that is currently available doesn't work for you on a monthly basis, just wait for the next month. New classes are started monthly on a different day and time. The time you start with will be the same time every month for the duration of the mentorship.

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