Unleash Your Trading Potential: Enroll in a Funded Account Program Now

Experience the power of funded account program, providing traders with access to substantial capital for their trades. This unique opportunity enables traders to navigate larger sums than they might handle independently, thereby maximizing their potential for earnings.


Apex Trader Funding

  • Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That

  • Two Payouts per Month

  • Trade Full-Sized Contracts in Evaluations or Funded Accounts

  • No Scaling or Failing by Going Over Contract Size

  • No Daily Drawdowns

  • Trade on Holidays

  • Trade Your Normal Day-to-Day Strategy or System During The News

  • No Total Cap on Maximum Payout

  • One-Step Evaluation Process

  • Real-Time Data Included

  • Simple Risk Management Rules

  • Trade With Multiple Accounts up to 20 max

Enhance Your Trading Strategy with a Funded Account Program

Funded Account Programs are designed for traders who aspire to expand their trading activities but are constrained by limited capital. The program offers a strategic solution to overcome financial limitations and achieve your trading objectives. Key benefits include:

  • Increased Trading Capital with Minimal Initial Investment: The program provides access to a significantly larger pool of trading capital against a modest initial investment. This facilitates engagement in more substantial trading opportunities and portfolio diversification, which might otherwise be inaccessible due to capital limitations.

  • Risk-Managed Learning and Experience: The program offers a practical platform for traders to enhance their skills and knowledge in a real-world trading environment. It reduces the necessity of utilizing personal capital, thereby lowering the financial risk associated with the learning process. This aspect is particularly beneficial for developing and testing trading strategies, allowing traders to gain valuable experience without the pressure of substantial personal financial exposure.

Process to get FUNDED



Chose the Assessment Account you want to apply / audition for.



Grow your Assessment Account without breaking any rules.


Complete the paperwork to convert the Assessment Account to a FULLY FUNDED trading account along with banking and address information.



Grow FUNDED account by adhering to the rules and request a withdrawal / payout to cash in on your profits.

Is it possible to grow a "funded account" +10% in 2 weeks or less?

…without hitting a -6% max drawdown?

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