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Learning to trade may seem complex, but we've simplified it with our $7 Starter Kit made just for beginners. We've got special technology tools and education to guide you on your trading journey.

Start your trading journey with our Push Button Technology and classes in our realistic trading simulator. Using the strategies we teach, progress to LIVE paper trading, and LIVE trading.

Configure and run your own Automated Trading Bots. Rest assured, there's no need to worry about coding—our pre-built bots work seamlessly with our software platform.








Apply the knowledge gained in our educational classes. Expand your trading account and unlock potential profits through our funded account prop firm programs, powered by the ThinkMarkets Broker.




Join our community and interact with like-minded traders who are seeking to use technology to improve or better their trading journey. Imagine a combination of community chat (like Slack), online livestreams (like Zoom), and Kajabi or Thinkific (for online courses) seamlessly integrated into a SINGLE platform.

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WED, FEB 21 / 6:00PM EST

Retirement + 401k Investing Class

Zoom Meeting

Community-Only Event


THU, MAR 7 / 6:00PM EST

Intro to MetaTrader 5 Class

Zoom Meeting

Community-Only Event


THU, MAR 14 / 6:00PM EST

Learning to DREAM AGAIN, practical tips..

Zoom Meeting

Community-Only Event


THU, MAR 28 / 6:00PM EST

Personal Finance


Zoom Meeting

Community-Only Event


I appreciate your class, it’s been great and I’ve learned a lot.

Looking forward to opening up two accounts. A lot of things have been cleared up for me from this class. Thank you to you and your company.

- Christobal


I love scaling it up. I love the data analysis and the automation.

It’s really helped me to analyze real markets and what’s going on. It’s rule based and structured.

Love the passive income aspect of automation.

I appreciate what you’re doing and really enjoyed the course.

- Jacob


This has been hugely educational and it’s given us a much greater appreciate for what you’ve done here, Matt.

The coolest part has been the back testing for day trading. What do I need to be looking at, learning that frame and how to utilize back testing for a variety of reasons has been very cool.

- Scotty E


Today we got to see a larger variety than just being focused on our own trials. Seeing everyone’s sheets was very educational.

The more you see the more natural it will become.

- Dave A


It was awesome watching you go through everyone’s. I don’t think that I’ve looked at anyone’s as intensely as you did. It was a really cool thing to see.

I just want to ignore everyone tomorrow so I can just do this.

- Kelly


Thank you for giving your time & energy to teach this bots class. Your heart to help & serve others is clearly evident, and I appreciate you!

My wife, Sheri, & I look forward to working with you more as we continue our trading journey.

- Rob J




Experience our BEGINNER Trading classes that use our semi-automated trader push button technology. Start with our foundational "Learn How to Trade" class, combining the best of both of education and technology assistance to improve your trading skills.

Explore 100% automated bot trading, where rule-based strategies are built from our team's extensive software background and trading experience drive rule-based trading. Enroll in our "Learn Automated Bot Trading" class to learn more about our beginner to intermediate level bot trading.



Our classes prioritize clear communication of class outlines, offering personalized support to guide students from Point A to Point B. Adhering to a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:15, we maintain attendance records, share class recordings, and ensure specific deliverables are met. Our coaches are thoroughly prepared and aligned with our values, and personally vetted by our leadership for their commitment to honesty, accountability, teamwork, and integrity.


What’s in the $7 starter kit? Is it right for me?

The starter kit is intended to give you a taste of what it's like to trade, it's a place for you to start your journey and see if it's right for you, your schedule, your timeline, etc. It's meant to be just a sampling of the tools, technology, and community.

  • BEGINNER 8-Step Learn to Trade Journey [PDF]

  • BEGINNER Class Online Course

  • DOWNLOAD popular trading software where our technology lives.

  • DEMO / Paper Trading Account

  • BEGINNER Platform Online Course

  • TECHNOLOGY DEMO of our popular trading technologies for beginner & intermediate traders.

  • ACCESS to our Online Trading Community


What is the difference between the push button trading and the bot trading class?

The beginner push button class is perfect for those new to trading. Here, you'll focus on mastering one strategy at a time in a supportive group setting. Our trading technology includes the realistic trading simulator and the LIVE trading technology. These tools automatically calculate important factors like price, risk, entry points, stop loss, and take profit levels, making learning easier than ever.

For those with a little bit more experience, we offer the automated trading bot class. No need to worry about coding – Matt provides pre-built bots for each specific strategy. These bots are sophisticated pieces of technology, so our classes walk you through how to test, deploy, and review them in a paper/demo account.

No matter which class you choose, our small mentor group format ensures personalized attention, with a maximum of 15 students per teacher. And don't worry about missing out – if classes fill up, we'll add more to accommodate everyone. Classes are held online via Zoom meetings, with dates and times varying to fit your schedule. Be sure to check the respective class pages for details on when they're offered.

Please watch the 2 different technology demonstration videos.

How is your company different from all other trading education companies out there?

We've developed some really cool technology (tech demo here) that helps speed up the learning curve for traders. Our teaching style is pretty special too – we keep our classes small, with a maximum of 15 students in each "small mentor group format class". These classes meet twice a week for 4 weeks, for a total of 8 classes. We repeat this at the top of every month so you can anticipate the class schedule. We're also big on using traditional educational standards (download standards here), and we pay close attention to things like homework and attendance.

What is a funded account? Why do I need it?

It’s an inexpensive tool that is awesome for beginner and intermediate traders because it lets you make mistakes without losing real money. Imagine if you had a real $100,000 trading account and lost 6% – that would be a $6,000 loss, right? But with our assessment account, you can get a $100,000 account for just $1,000.

In each of our classes, you get a free paper/demo $100,000 trading account to use during class. After class, you can buy an assessment account (starting at $100). Once you grow your account by 10%, the money becomes real. We can even split the gains up to 90/10, so you keep most of what you earn – up to 90%!

Funded Accounts Info

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